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Ministry teams have been an integral part of SOT since its inception.  Much of the training and many of the skills that the people on the farm demonstrate now have been imparted by folks that have come and shared what they have with others.  In the beginning, most of the teams were project oriented, with training a few of the nationals.  We shifted as time went by to being more people oriented, both for training and fellowship.  Most of our ministry teams now are working with the Zambians to help them in their projects, sometimes with specialized training, but most often for the purpose of building relationships and encouragement, both for the people at home and those visiting.  Someone has said, “I need Africa more than Africa needs me”.  SOT believes that the need and the benefit are great both ways.

If you’ve never traveled internationally, a trip to Africa can seem rather daunting.  If you sense a quickening in your heart to visit SOT, let me assure you, you will be of great value, whatever your skills may be, and you will be wonderfully increased in your love for and understanding of the struggles and blessings of a culture seeking to live for Jesus Christ in the Third World.  We invite you to come work and visit with us. Yes, there will be appropriate work, we are not a tourist facility, but we will do our best to make you comfortable.  Please see the following information. We will assist you as best as we can in helping you plan a ministry team or joining with another scheduled team.


Please go the Forms tab and fill out the Work Team Application and the Release Form and mail them to:


Sons of Thunder Ministries
P. O. Box 7
Damascus, Maryland 20872


Thank you!

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