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Called by God into full-time ministry at age 14, and by God’s grace has faithfully followed that calling.  Reverend Jerry Beall received a BA Degree from Asbury (College) University in 1968 and a MA Degree from Asbury Seminary in 1971. Ordained as a minister in 1971 he has been “under appointment” for over 40 consecutive years…serving 33 years as a pastor before assuming full-time leadership of Sons Of Thunder Ministry. He is the founder, President, Director of Sons of Thunder Ministries, husband, father, and grandfather and still as eager and strong to do the work as when God first called.

Rev. Jerry Beall - President/Director


Sons of Thunder began its ministry on the farm in Senkobo (near Livingstone), Zambia, in 1996 in obedience to a call from God to “feed Africa physically and spiritually through the enabling of the Holy Spirit.”  Sal and Renee obeyed their call of God “to start a clinic on the farm” in 2005 when they went to Zambia to be medical missionaries with Sons of Thunder. Each month, the clinic now provides full service to approximately 1400 outpatients including 5 ART clinics for over 700 HIV clients and 10 outreaches to neighboring villages. Inpatient care covers admissions for all sorts of diagnoses as well as an average of 30 baby deliveries per month. Today, in addition to the medical clinic, Sal and Renee oversee all operations and ministries on the farm which include the agricultural program of Farming God’s Way, the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church ‘Bethesda Tabernacle’ and the education program consisting of a Preschool, a Primary School, the “Blessed Fund” for secondary school assistance and continual training for self-sufficiency including leadership, business development and management. Thousands of lives are being saved, both physically and spiritually in Zambia through this amazing ministry of Jesus Christ. To God be the Lord!

Sal & Renee Marini - Medical Directors

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