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Sponsor a Student

Sons of Thunder Zambia is looking for sponsors to help children continue their education. As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to financially and prayerfully support children from grade 8 through 12 and then college. Sponsors Needed! It's easy....Please check out the photos and select the child you would like to sponsor. Then message me at with your selection. The money donated pays for the child's tuition fees. These kids really need help and it's not that much! Please Help!

Sponsor a Student 01.jpg

This is 13 year old Regina Moonga. She is the middle daughter of Bridget who is a Clinical Assistant and the Office Manager at the medical clinic, She told me she wants to be a doctor someday In the meantime she enjoys cooking. She is in grade 8 at Kalomo Secondary School in Kalomo. Tuition Costs: $200 

Sponsor a Student 02.jpg

This is 14 year old Joseph Mazimbo. He passed the grade 7 qualifying exam so he is now in grade 8 at Global Samaritan School. Joseph likes to play football and said he can't wait to start working. Tuition: $100

Sponsor a Student 03.jpg

Say hello to 14 year old Steady Siambula, oldest son to Able and Bessie. Able is the Headman of Canaan Village at SOT and is also the Senior Headman. Steady has an older sister and one younger brother and one younger sister. He enjoys playing football and wants to someday be a soldier. Attending Global Samaritan this year in grade 8. Tuition : $100

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