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In a land where the average life expectancy reaches only 34, complicated and often untreated illnesses diminish the African life span.  Pervasive illnesses such as HIV, malaria, TB, AIDS, and malnutrition, kill many young parents, leaving an overwhelming number of orphans.  Many die unnecessarily simply due to lack of proper medical care and wellness programs.  Many treatments that are considered common here have been totally unavailable there.


SOT medical ministries has established a group of health-related programs initially based on the farm in Zambia, but now extends to 5 major outreach areas in the bush.  The work that happens at and through our clinic is truly amazing.  Many of the patients walk from long distances to receive care.  We are able to keep some of the more serious patients in over-night facility at the farm clinic…some are transported to a hospital in Livingston.  Treatment is given for a variety of needs, from common every day illnesses to testing and initial and extended care for burns (a serious problem in Zambia bush areas), AIDS, malaria, etc.  Every effort is made for preventive care…placing wells in villages for clean water…education for HIV prevention…teaching healthy life styles…prenatal care…infant and children immunizations and more.  And we deliver so many babies, some  at the clinic, and often in little mud huts out in the bush area.  SOT medical ministry still makes house calls.


We have been blessed with a nice medical facility, and just recently completed laboratory for diagnostic testing.  Sal and Renee Marini are the      medical personnel and directors of the ministry (for a more detailed account of the medical work click here to see their blog (  It is a true miracle that they are able to do all that they do.  There is no end in sight for the need.  Medicines and supplies are in great need.  We     literally wear out vehicles getting to the sick, and transporting them as is so often necessary, so the cost of fuel, maintenance, repair, and replacement  is large.  The wear on personnel is great, and we could use so many qualified volunteers for short or longer visits to help.  Please help us with your generous donations.  If you can go to help work, we would love to hear from you and help make necessary arrangements for you to visit SOT.

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