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Church Ministry

The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is the very reason for Sons of Thunder Ministries existence.  We are therefore following that mandate and going into the world, preaching and living the gospel of Jesus Christ and making disciples. 

As we do, we have learned that we cannot simply say “God loves you” and not respond with the love of God that helps feed the hungry, help the poor, care for widows and orphans and in general help meet needs in a very desperate land.

There is a fully established Pilgrim Wesleyan Church on the farm.  We have built and dedicated a new church building that is among the largest churches in Zambia.  Pastor George is leading the congregation and training others in outreach.  We have successfully planted 5 additional churches, each with their own pastor.  “Feeding Africa” goes beyond just physical food, but encompasses the entire person, both the physical and the spiritual.

SOT constantly reaches out through evangelical campaigns to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, along with food and relief for the needy.  It is wonderful to see lives changed, people fed, medicine provided, and hope placed in people’s lives again.

We need your help.  The new church plants meet in mud and stick buildings with grass roofs.  As you give, we will be able to build good buildings for them to meet in.  Your gifts will help us to continue to have food, medicine, and relief to take to manifest the love of God in these people’s lives.  Transport is a must in every one of these ministries, and our vehicles receive enormous use on roads that are sometimes impassable except with 4-wheel drive. You can imagine the maintenance and the fuel costs at over $8 a gallon.  Please help us in the spreading of the gospel with your prayers and generous gifts.

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