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I’m a “farm-boy” and I thought the easiest part of Sons of Thunder ministry would be in training people in good agricultural principles.  We could farm successfully, but the goal was to train the nationals to farm really well.  There were some improvements but nothing close to meeting the need.  Thank God that He led us to a farming method developed in Zimbabwe called “Farming God’s Way”, and a man, Patrick Cairns, who came and trained us.

It is a marvelous farming plan, and its 4 major principles are essential to agriculture and very applicable to practical living.  The principles are: first, on time; second, high standards; third, minimal waste; and fourth, with joy and gladness of heart.  (For full details go on-line at “Farming God’s Way”)  It is also a wonderful ministry tool as it develops agriculture to demonstrate the love of God and the need for redemption in Jesus Christ.  One of my favorite pictures (included here) is a group of Zambians, being trained by a Zambian, gathered in a field on their knees praying before they began planting.

Praise God, we have seen our planting costs reduced, our harvest increased, our produce grown at high standards, and our farmers demonstrating that they have taken hold of this and will continue.  We are farming successfully.  Some of our farmers are going out into nearby villages and teaching them.  We are in the process of turning Sons of Thunder farm into a training center where we can bring many in; give them basic training, getting them started right away in their villages so to reduce hunger, malnutrition and starvation, with continued training and evangelism and discipleship.  Please, we need your help!  I feel so strongly that God has given us a highly successful and teachable method that we can use to fulfill our vision of “feeding Africa physically and spiritually through the enabling of the Holy Spirit.”  Please send your generous and faithful contribution as quickly and as often as you can.  God bless you.

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