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The Grade School at Sons of Thunder operates as a government licensed and approved Private School.  We have recently achieved the status of a seventh grade testing center.  We are teaching grades one through seven, after which in Zambia, the students who pass the test can go on to Secondary School if they have the money and one is available.  We desire, as the Lord provides, to make available without charge a Secondary School as well.  We have approximately 400 students enrolled.  There are no other schools in our area. A number of our students have to walk an hour to get to class.

We also have Preschool and Bible classes, introducing Jesus at an early age, greatly complimenting our Sunday School at Church.  We have a small library that is well utilized.  We add new books as available.

Our prayer is to receive $10 monthly per child.  As that is provided we will be able to build and provide a secondary school also.  A full education, stressing Biblical values and relationship with Jesus Christ is incredibly valuable.  Would you consider committing to a monthly contribution that would support one, two, three, or more children in obtaining an education?  Perhaps your church or school could partner with us?  Or any amount of one time gifts with prayerful consideration for future donations are always greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your help.

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