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The Blessed Fund

A sad story leads us to our next goal. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving (November 2011) I received the following text from Pastor George. “Our son left us last night 1:00 am last breath. He is in heaven with God. Thanks for all concerns and prayers. God’s time is best.” Our Pastor George’s son, named Blessed, died of Leukemia. He was 11 years old. If he had been born in America, treatment would have been available that may have saved his life. Pastor George, his wife Pretty, and their children remain in our prayers. We ask your prayers for them as they grieve the loss of Blessed.  


In memory of “Blessed” and the many other children whose lives could have been saved, we are establishing a “Blessed Fund”. We believe in the whole picture for improving life in Africa. Education is certainly a vital component in accomplishing this. Our primary school (grades 1-7) is doing a wonderful job. Our neighbors, Global Samaritans, have  started a secondary school that compliments our primary school. In Zambia typically secondary schools require tuition and few children have funds for the tuition. The Blessed Fund will be used to help students pay for their tuition. We are very sorry for the loss of Blessed, but thank God for showing a way to honor his memory and open the education door wider for many of his fellow students. If you would like to make a donation to the Blessed Fund designate with your donation Blessed Fund. Thank you for your prayers and gifts.

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