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What’s In Your Hand?

Alexander (this is not a picture of him, rather Lemson) is a certified instructor of farming God’s way. One of the first things he teaches at FGW conferences begins with the question, “what’s that in your hand”? The emphasis is to begin with what you have. Lemson is pictured with a “jamba”, or a Zambian hoe. Instead of complaining or waiting for what you don’t have, get started with what you do have. Very few Zambians own oxen and plows, or tractor and plows (actually we don’t plow the ground any more, finding it to be very detrimental causing soil erosion).

The Bible teaches us that we must be faithful with little or we cannot be trusted with much (Luke 16:10). I’m sure you quickly see the importance of this principle in every day life. Instead of saying “when I have more, I will...”. Actually if you don’t start with what you have you wouldn’t do anything if you had more.

We’re all caught for now in this covid19 pandemic and being a high risk person, there is little I can do...but I can do little. I can speak words of life and encouragement. I can smile (I noticed that you can see a smile even when masked, it shows in the eyes). I can pray (I can go to church parking lots and set in the car and pray for ministries, I can go to schools in parking areas and pray for schools, teachers, students, education, I can go to places of business and pray for our economy). I can call people on the phone and talk hope and blessings (Shalom, Shalom!).

I‘m sure you get the idea. So, I ask you, what’s in your hand?

Be blessed and be a blessing! Samuel (Jerry Beall)

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