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Sleeping in church

Several pictures of a beautiful young child who fell asleep and sheepishly started waking up as she saw me noticing her. The people of Zambia are a beautiful people. My wife and I start our journey there tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing the people, because they have become our friends. We plan on being in Zambia for almost 2 months. Your prayers for safe travel, health in this troubled time, and the Holy Spirit to do mighty works in and through us all. You can follow our activities more closely if you desire on facebook and instagram.


Sleeping in church is not as great a problem I think, as the church sleeping in our world at times of such great need. Ephesians 5:1 4 says “Awake sleeper, and arise from the dead. And Christ will shine on you.”

I encourage each of us to do as Dr. David Jeremiah has taught, to stand up...

Don’t stand down

That’s cowardice

Don’t stand aside

That’s compromise

Don’t stand against

That’s contention

Stand up

That’s courage and conviction

Be blessed and be a blessing! Rev. Jerry Samuel Beall

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