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Miracles At The Farm

We are so thankful for God’s blessings. I wish we could show before and after so everyone could see how far the Lord has brought us. We will look forward to 2021 to use the blessings to be a blessing to so many who have great needs. I pray a blessed New Year for you and all of yours!

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Dec 31, 2020

Watching this put tears in my eyes as I saw the amazing transformation that has taken place at Sons of Thunder. Pastor Beall’s vision truly is covered in God’s grace, and the people of Zambia shine with His light!

I think the tears are tears of hope that after this horrid year we have had, and the turmoil in our beloved America, there is a place where people work together and build something lasting. That God has blessed it and made it thrive. The enormity of this endeavor seems impossible, yet it looks so simple. God truly has provided for every thing that is needed. That gives me hope that He will be with us here, and that whatever transpires,…

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