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Leza Mobutu

Miss Patricia is one of our lovely widows on the farm. We recently purchased a new bed and mattress for her birthday and the sot family gave her cards and set the bed up for her in her apartment. I love the way she gathered her cards and immediately laid down on the bed and slept.

Life can be confusing sometimes and we don’t know what’s going on, but we can be at peace in this truth, God is good all the time. The Tonga dialect says it this way, Leza Mobutu, Chinze Chonze.

Zambia is closed down just like us. The only things happening at the farm right now is farming and medical (both are huge efforts in everyday activities). We don’t have any cases of coved-19 virus and are praying that we won’t have any. The locust plague is north of us. Life is challenging in Zambia all the time without any additional problems.

I pray for each of us, regardless of our circumstances, that we will know with certainty that God is good, all the time. Thank you for your prayers and donations. Blessed Resurrection Day! Be blessed and be a blessing!

Rev. Jerry S. Beall

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1 Comment

Kim Obendorfer
Apr 12, 2020

A bed and mattress-what a wonderful gift!

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