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It Is Very Good

These are the words God said when He finished creation (Genesis 1:31). My desire was to be in Zambia and participating in the harvest, but that desire was thwarted by covid19. (Not unusual situation). Seeing the pictures of the maI’ve harvest is a very welcome sight. Thank you to Renee for sending them and others. (See Sons of Thunder, Zambia on Facebook for a more complete library of photos, or view on our website

This harvest is a great blessing of God of miraculous proportion. Our farmers have worked hard, many of you have helped with your prayers and donations, and God has blessed. Food security is a great concern in many parts of the world. We need very much to increase our productivity in all areas agriculture. There is still great hunger and starvation in many areas. Please continue to pray and help us in our efforts to make a difference in so many lives.

I personally have never known real hunger. My problem like many of you is to keep myself from over-eating, or how best to eat healthy. This pandemic however, has brought us face-to-face with the possibility of food shortages. We must be people who are very thankful to our Heavenly Father for the unusual blessings we have in living in America. As we pray for a needy world, we must pray for our leaders, our churches, and that America will return to being a nation following the righteous principles of the Bible. I pray for a great awakening, and that God will bless you, and that God will bless America! Shalom, Shalom! Samuel (Jerry Beall)

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