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Back To School After Covid-19

Returning To School after Covid-19

All students who live here at Sons of Thunder have been out of school since March 18. College students were able to continue classes and do assignments and take exams online using their cell phones and data time. Secondary students had hard copy assignments to complete while at home. Owen and Innocent provided extra lessons here at the farm. Primary students however have had no access to any schoolwork.

On Monday, schools reopened in Zambia for the examination classes only...that includes grades 7, 9, and 12. SOT students returned to school with required masks, soap and hand sanitizers and prayer. Social distancing was practiced with the new configuration of desks. (Reported by Renee Marini)

According to Google, Zambia has 1,089 confirmed cases of Covid 19, with 912 recovered, and 7 deaths. We have had 0 cases on the farm. Please pray that will continue. We all join in prayer for our troubled world. Be blessed and be a blessing. Shalom, Shalom! Samuel (Jerry Beall)


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